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Feeding Children and preventing Eating Disorders


In no way do I proclaim, in any sense, to be an expert on Nutrition or Eating Disorders, but like many things that I am not officially an expert in, I have still had enough training and experience to have formed an opinion on the subject! Let me start by sharing a quote from the Read More →

Schoola works for TK!

Schoola Status 1:5:16

Wow! Look what we’ve done already! Thank You dear Friends and Parents of TK! I have an aversion to fund raisers in general, because I really don’t like harassing and bugging my clients, who are already paying me tuition for their children’s schooling. But Kari has come up with a very viable way for you Read More →

She wants to do it HER WAY!

egg yolk still

The other day my li’l Rosebug revealed to me that the reason she gets so angry with me when I tell her to do her schoolwork in a certain way is because she “…wants to do it her way!”. Well sometimes that is okay, but oftentimes, with schoolwork, it is not. There is usually an Read More →


purty Bindi copy

Bindi is (supposedly) a Jack Russel Terrier. But somewhere a mutant gene for Maltese must have slipped in, because the dog has an ever-growing coat of very fine fur. Very fine fur that collects dirt better than any Swiffer I have ever met. We have to keep her clipped short. I have alway been her groomer, Read More →

Balboa Park Butterfly and Apple

Balboa Park Butterfly

Anyone who knows me knows that I am an Apple fan from way back in the days of the Centris and flying toasters. I am loyal to Apple. Currently my home/school has 5 iPads, 3 iPhones, and two iMacs, and believe me I would have more if I could. I just upgraded to the iPhone 6plus Read More →

Sombreros and the ending sound /m/…

Ending sound m

So I was getting ready to meet with a friend for a cup of coffee. As I was leaving my li’l Rosebug runs up to me and says “Can I do my homework on the computer while you are gone?” I thought that was a great idea, and told her as much. And I reminded Read More →

In spite of…

square R drawing

In spite a very difficult start to our first day of our new homeschool,  my li’l ‘Rosebug drew one of her most proficient drawings for a school assignment. It is supposed to be a drawing of her home, featuring things that start with the letters A and B. In the picture the Rosebug is eating an Read More →

A Year Old Conversation

An old conversation I had with a respected friend a year ago about my li’l Rosebug:   ME: Her teacher cut down on homework significantly. I felt like 90% of her problems are attitudinal, with focus issues…. It is just so hard to pin point. When she is in a good, cooperative space (which is rare when Read More →