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All things TK. TK is primarily a preschool, although we care for kids of all ages, zero years old to infinity and beyond! Her are some of the things we have taught, and some of the methods that we have used keep the TK machine running successfully after more than 30 years.

Patterns, math before it starts…


    Patterns are a precursor to all early math. Some of us may think this is obvious, but some of us might not realize that most math is all about recognizing patterns, solving patterns that aren’t quite complete or that are missing a part. We create patterns for memorization of all basic math facts. While Read More →

Schoola fundraising works for TK!


Dear Friends and Parents of TK I have an aversion to fund raisers in general, because I really don’t like harassing and bugging my clients, who are already paying me tuition for their children’s schooling. But Kari has come up with a very viable way for you to help TK (or any school of your Read More →

Teaching Your Child to Read…Part 2

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In the first part of this two-part series, I discussed teaching your child the letters of the alphabet and their associated phonetic sounds. Please click the link to Teaching Your Child to Read…Part 1 if you haven’t already read it. Only after your child has mastered the skills in part 1, they are ready to move Read More →

Teaching Your Child to Read…Part 1


Teaching your child to read is a momentous undertaking, and an incredible gift you can give to your child, even before they go to school. Please don’t think that only the “professionals” can teach your child how to read after they go to kindergarten. In fact, in most cases, I think that you as the parent Read More →

Time on a Wall…

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Pretty tight schedule around here on weekday mornings. I get up at 4am and work on the computer as that is the only time that my brain function and peace and quiet coordinate around here. My first childcare kid comes in about 5:30. Thankfully my early childcare kids are content to watch TV in the morning, Read More →