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New TKTimes Blog!

TKTimes banner6

I have created a blog especially for the friends and family of TK! (Or fellow preschool teachers or childcare providers who like to share ideas!) I have posted lots and lots of fun and educational lessons and projects as well as photos and videos of the kids in action enjoying those activities! I have also posted (and will Read More →

Feeding Children and preventing Eating Disorders


In no way do I proclaim, in any sense, to be an expert on Nutrition or Eating Disorders, but like many things that I am not officially an expert in, I have still had enough training and experience to have formed an opinion on the subject! Let me start by sharing a quote from the Read More →

Focus on the Freckles…and setting firm and fair boundaries for your child.


Sometimes I get so frustrated caring for and raising this child of mine, that I forget why we chose to adopt her and raise her in the first place. I have always coached the employees of my preschool with the statement “You must get the behaviors under control, and then you can start having fun!” And Read More →

TK Easter 2016 photos


Great Fun at TK had by all! A celebration of LIFE! Click on any of the photos below for a slide show…

“I like you.”

Titan's flag

So 5 year old (almost 6!) T comes out of his Kindergarten class and collects his back pack, and he has a Chinese paper flag/craft of some sort in his hand. It looked cumbersome while he was trying to put on his backpack so I held out my hand to offer to carry it for Read More →

It’s Curtains for You, kid!


  No, REALLY! Curtains for our classroom! What did you think I meant? Lol!   I would really like to take a moment to thank all of you that posted and re-posted such kind words about my school on your Facebook. It actually made me tear up to know that TK has such a fan Read More →

TK Valentine’s Day

Version 2

  YES! I WILL be their Valentine! I love every single one of them!                          

TK needs your help!


My 33 year old childcare business is floundering. Through no fault of our own. I believe in my program. I am especially impressed with my staff, whom would be more accurately described as my family. Ashleigh has shown her true colors as an amazing teacher. Every day she reads our children stories, teaches them about the Read More →

KT’s Ferris Wheel

Version 2

One of my favorite 5 year old artists was drawing a ferris wheel for her dad. She drew the wheel complete with spokes and seats and even a hub (Pretty amazing I thought…but then, I never cease to be amazed by this child). Then she drew herself and her dad, and a beautiful blue sky, Read More →

TK has a coloring party!

Colored by a 5 year old!

Recently we had a Friday that the elementary school kids didn’t have to go to school (some random school improvement day).  I decided we were going to have a “TK Colorfest”! Ashleigh and I found some coloring sheets on the internet for the different age levels of the kids. Some of the kids and Ashleigh and Blythe Read More →