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Mom – all encompassing, friend, nurse, therapist, teacher, disciplinarian. It is a challenging job. Here are some of the tricks and trials I have learned along the way.

The Great Goat Wrangling and Metal Detecting Contest of Julian 2015

Version 2

For Veteran’s Day the Treasure Seekers of San Diego County (a club that Bob and I belong to) put on an event in Julian. It was a metal detecting contest and a gold panning contest. As members began to gather at the farm across the street from the Julian Mining Company, the first thing that we Read More →

Teaching Your Child to Read…Part 2

phonics header

In the first part of this two-part series, I discussed teaching your child the letters of the alphabet and their associated phonetic sounds. Please click the link to Teaching Your Child to Read…Part 1 if you haven’t already read it. Only after your child has mastered the skills in part 1, they are ready to move Read More →

Teaching Your Child to Read…Part 1


Teaching your child to read is a momentous undertaking, and an incredible gift you can give to your child, even before they go to school. Please don’t think that only the “professionals” can teach your child how to read after they go to kindergarten. In fact, in most cases, I think that you as the parent Read More →

Balancing act – “Stalker-Mom vs. Latch-Key kids”


My beautiful niece, and awesome Mom of two adventurous boys, recently posed a dilemma to me that I think we all face as parents: “I’m trying to find a balance between stalker mom and latch key kids. I would like to know what mistakes to let them make and when to step in.” Well, here, Read More →


r&train cars

Currently, the politically correct way to deal with a young child’s misbehavior is to redirect them to a more appropriate activity. Is there any causal relationship, I wonder, between that and the fact that as our kids get older they have a difficult time staying on task? What are we teaching them? That when the Read More →

RAD whining


I don’t want to fall into the habit of whining…it’s too easy…and yet it seems to be my go-to place lately. I hate that. But…I had a rough day with my Li’l Rosebug yesterday. Even though she is flying through the schoolwork, it’s not for lack of arguing and fighting with me every step of Read More →

Sombreros and the ending sound /m/…

Ending sound m

So I was getting ready to meet with a friend for a cup of coffee. As I was leaving my li’l Rosebug runs up to me and says “Can I do my homework on the computer while you are gone?” I thought that was a great idea, and told her as much. And I reminded Read More →

Time on a Wall…

blank clock face

Pretty tight schedule around here on weekday mornings. I get up at 4am and work on the computer as that is the only time that my brain function and peace and quiet coordinate around here. My first childcare kid comes in about 5:30. Thankfully my early childcare kids are content to watch TV in the morning, Read More →