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Adoption Day! Here at LAST!!!!


This is it! Finally! After 2 years, 3 months and 13 days of having The’Bug in our family, today is THE DAY that the Judge finally makes it official! The’Bug will really and truly and forever be OURS!!!!! All I can say is… Wow! At 72 and 56 years old, Bob and I are going Read More →

A rose is a rose…


A rose is a rose… and I think it is a symbol of all the things we should stop and appreciate. You know…”Stop and smell the roses” and all that stuff. For me it’s “stop and photograph the roses”…I did this on the way out to hustling my daughter to karate class, after loading the Read More →

Heart Attack! A week from our life…


Unbelievable! Sunday 3/13/16 about noon – Well, Bob was working in the front yard, trimming the hedge, when he came into the house, telling me he didn’t feel good. He started to feel worse, and said “I have to go lay down on the floor.” That is Bob-speak for “I am going to pass out” Read More →

Happy Birthday to me….Final adoption signing!

%22The Telling%22 image

Well there it is…what we did for my 56th birthday. “The Telling”, where the County Social Workers read aloud to us everything they know about The Rosebug’s history. Quite a history, too! Most of it we already knew, but some of it was new to us. I love how the records say “she may have an aunt Read More →

Metal Detecting, Manzanita and Moss


Bob and I took our little Rosebug out to the mountains just east of Cibbets Flats to do a little metal detecting. I was very impressed with how the ‘Bug has picked up Bob’s methods…she is like his little “mini-me” when it comes to metal detecting. She sweeps the metal detector until she hears a Read More →

!!!Happy New Year 2016!!!

Happy New Year 2016

Here we are starting a New Year. What does that mean? I think it can mean so many things, so many new possibilities. I see a trend of people choosing specific “words”  to use as general goals, rather than specific promises, or New Year’s Resolutions. Perhaps because New Year’s Resolutions seem to be made to be broken, and Read More →

She wants to do it HER WAY!

egg yolk still

The other day my li’l Rosebug revealed to me that the reason she gets so angry with me when I tell her to do her schoolwork in a certain way is because she “…wants to do it her way!”. Well sometimes that is okay, but oftentimes, with schoolwork, it is not. There is usually an Read More →

George vs. The Kestral

Kestral vs. George

I was in the classroom early Sunday morning this last weekend, enjoying my music and my daughter. The Rosebug and I were both drawing. It was a mellow Sunday morning for us. Suddenly, The ‘Bug exclaims “Look at that bird!!!” I looked out the window, and sure enough, there was one of the most beautiful Read More →

The Great Goat Wrangling and Metal Detecting Contest of Julian 2015

Version 2

For Veteran’s Day the Treasure Seekers of San Diego County (a club that Bob and I belong to) put on an event in Julian. It was a metal detecting contest and a gold panning contest. As members began to gather at the farm across the street from the Julian Mining Company, the first thing that we Read More →

The Lost Lizard Run

LL2 Lost Lizard Run 2015 T-shirt

The Lost Lizard Run We all get together cause the lizard is lost! And we must find that guy At whatever the cost! There is grit in our teeth and sand in our eyes as we smile through the dunes and look for the prize. An artistic waltz by the sand and the wind Changes Read More →