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Spice organization…

Spice drawers fr tt

I love our kitchen. I mean, I REALLY love our kitchen. When it flooded many years ago and we found out the homeowners insurance was going to pay us a big enough chunk to actually replace the kitchen cabinets, Bob and I put our heads together and planned, planned and planned our “new” kitchen. And we Read More →

Adoption Day! Here at LAST!!!!


This is it! Finally! After 2 years, 3 months and 13 days of having The’Bug in our family, today is THE DAY that the Judge finally makes it official! The’Bug will really and truly and forever be OURS!!!!! All I can say is… Wow! At 72 and 56 years old, Bob and I are going Read More →

TLE Terri Lecture Extreme – Do lectures work with children?

Version 2

Our little Rosebug has been hugely challenging these last couple of weeks, as the adoption finalization gets extremely close. With all the various sources of well-intentioned advice, I experience a lot of anxiety about what is the “appropriate” response when she is disrespectful, argumentative, interruptive or when she hits me :O . When I really Read More →

A rose is a rose…


A rose is a rose… and I think it is a symbol of all the things we should stop and appreciate. You know…”Stop and smell the roses” and all that stuff. For me it’s “stop and photograph the roses”…I did this on the way out to hustling my daughter to karate class, after loading the Read More →

Feeding Children and preventing Eating Disorders


In no way do I proclaim, in any sense, to be an expert on Nutrition or Eating Disorders, but like many things that I am not officially an expert in, I have still had enough training and experience to have formed an opinion on the subject! Let me start by sharing a quote from the Read More →

Focus on the Freckles…and setting firm and fair boundaries for your child.


Sometimes I get so frustrated caring for and raising this child of mine, that I forget why we chose to adopt her and raise her in the first place. I have always coached the employees of my preschool with the statement “You must get the behaviors under control, and then you can start having fun!” And Read More →

Heart Attack! A week from our life…


Unbelievable! Sunday 3/13/16 about noon – Well, Bob was working in the front yard, trimming the hedge, when he came into the house, telling me he didn’t feel good. He started to feel worse, and said “I have to go lay down on the floor.” That is Bob-speak for “I am going to pass out” Read More →

Happy Birthday to me….Final adoption signing!

%22The Telling%22 image

Well there it is…what we did for my 56th birthday. “The Telling”, where the County Social Workers read aloud to us everything they know about The Rosebug’s history. Quite a history, too! Most of it we already knew, but some of it was new to us. I love how the records say “she may have an aunt Read More →

Metal Detecting, Manzanita and Moss


Bob and I took our little Rosebug out to the mountains just east of Cibbets Flats to do a little metal detecting. I was very impressed with how the ‘Bug has picked up Bob’s methods…she is like his little “mini-me” when it comes to metal detecting. She sweeps the metal detector until she hears a Read More →

Clothes Closet – Organized!

closet after

Our early mornings were often a flurry of “Can I wear this with that?”, “No that doesn’t match. No, its 50 degrees outside, you can’t wear spaghetti straps. No you can’t wear that. Or that.”, and “Where are my leggings?” “No, no, no…” Who wants to start their mornings with so much negativity, that is Read More →