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Children have the freshest, most literal way of seeing things. This is where I try to capture their point of view. Sometimes funny, sometime enlightening, but it is always honest.

“I like you.”

Titan's flag

So 5 year old (almost 6!) T comes out of his Kindergarten class and collects his back pack, and he has a Chinese paper flag/craft of some sort in his hand. It looked cumbersome while he was trying to put on his backpack so I held out my hand to offer to carry it for Read More →

KT’s Ferris Wheel

Version 2

One of my favorite 5 year old artists was drawing a ferris wheel for her dad. She drew the wheel complete with spokes and seats and even a hub (Pretty amazing I thought…but then, I never cease to be amazed by this child). Then she drew herself and her dad, and a beautiful blue sky, Read More →

“My brain wants to choose…”

IMG_2743 (2)

I was taking one of “my”childcare kids to Kindergarten. We arrived a bit early, and the other kids were playing on the playground. I asked him “Do you want to go play on the playground?” He taps his finger thoughtfully on his cheek and says “My brain wants to choose…hmmmm…does he? Or doesn’t he?…” After Read More →



We were talking…serious stuff about choices…God stuff and I said “We are ALL GOD’S CHILDREN”… and she rared back in total shock, eyes wide and she said “WAIT! GOD LAID US ALL?”



The ‘Bug – I know why they call it “Costco”, Terri. Me – Why? The ‘Bug – Because everything COSTS so much, and people look at the prices and say “O!”