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Some of my photos

A rose is a rose…


A rose is a rose… and I think it is a symbol of all the things we should stop and appreciate. You know…”Stop and smell the roses” and all that stuff. For me it’s “stop and photograph the roses”…I did this on the way out to hustling my daughter to karate class, after loading the Read More →

Metal Detecting, Manzanita and Moss


Bob and I took our little Rosebug out to the mountains just east of Cibbets Flats to do a little metal detecting. I was very impressed with how the ‘Bug has picked up Bob’s methods…she is like his little “mini-me” when it comes to metal detecting. She sweeps the metal detector until she hears a Read More →

Sailboat Spectrum


BEFORE! I took this shot down at Mission Bay, California, one foggy morning while Bob was metal detecting. At first I didn’t like it, because, obviously, it was very grainy. But I saved it until I could get home, and I opened it up in Photo shop and started playing around with color/hue/saturation and layers. I Read More →