New TKTimes Blog!

I have created a blog especially for the friends and family of TK! (Or fellow preschool teachers or childcare providers who like to share ideas!) I have posted lots and lots of fun and educational lessons and projects as well as photos and videos of the kids in action enjoying those activities! I have also posted (and will continue to post) notices, newsletters and calendars for the parent’s information. This is where you can find out first hand what we have done, are doing, and things your kids need to bring for sharing or items on our TK wish list. I really want all of the TK parents to subscribe to this blog. Go there! Now! 😉

Please subscribe by putting in your email and commenting on how brilliant (and cute!) my TK kids are, or suggestions for the blog, or projects (please)! If you subscribe, then you will get notices each time I post more photos, or info on upcoming events!

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