Nutritarian, a made up word


I had to teach my computer dictionary to learn the word. I personally think it makes total sense and it ought to be a real word! What does it mean?

Well, I am not going to try and explain the whole theory. If you want that you can read one of Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s books in his Eat to Live Series. But, in a nutshell (pun intended), according to Dr. Fuhrman, being a nutritarian means  that you are focussed on eating only foods that are extremely rich in nutrients. Plant based nutrients, to be specific. His theory is based on Health = Nutrients/Calories. In other words, is every calorie you consume as packed full of healthy nutrients as possible? 100 calories of Twinkies do not provide the same amount of nutrients as 100 calories of broccoli. Get it?

Now, before I continue I want a side note here. I am not preaching. I am not trying to get anyone to switch over or stop eating Twinkies. God gave everyone free will to make their own choices, and who am I to mess with what God has given us? I am simply writing about this diet and nutrition plan because it is working for Bob and I, and we are both extremely excited about it!

Because of my BFII, the first book I read was:

It was one of those reads where everything made sense. I am no scientist, but he explains it down to the finest detail. He explains how diabetes works, why we have it, what is happening on a cellular level to cause the blood sugar to be in there in the first place, and why/how it gets elevated. Being a diabetic, supposedly, I know all of this already, but he explains it in more depth than I have ever heard it explained. It is pretty complex for me, and I am not even go to try  to explain it over again. After extensive explanations about diabetes, he explains how our body can heal itself if we stop poisoning it with the SAD (Standard American Diet) and start eating nutrient dense plant based foods. There is this great book out there if you are interested!  😉

Next I picked up the book:

I will admit that I didn’t finish it. Not because it wasn’t good, but because I discovered this one, which was more immediately applicable to Bob and I:

I just finished that book this morning, and it was as good as the one on diabetes at explaining the whys and wherefores of heart disease. Very detailed, lots of scientific evidence and studies to support his theories. In short, VERY informative! Next I plan to read:

So ya, we are excited about this. I listen to these in the form of audio books in the morning while I walk, and then we have taken to playing them at night. I like “white noise” when I sleep, and I always play audiobooks repetitiously at night. Side benefit to playing these ones by Dr. Fuhrman is that when Bob wakes up in the middle of the night he listens to it and learns. We have bought the hardcover version of these books as well, and I Bob and I will discuss them in our free moments…

Okay, more on this soon…. I am trying to write in smaller “chunks” even though I have so much to share…

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  1. I’m really glad it’s working for you both!

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