Metal Detecting, Manzanita and Moss

Bob and I took our little Rosebug out to the mountains just east of Cibbets Flats to do a little metal detecting. I was very impressed with how the ‘Bug has picked up Bob’s methods…she is like his little “mini-me” when it comes to metal detecting. She sweeps the metal detector until she hears a target, and then she puts down the metal detector and gets down on her knees. With sure moves she whips out her plastic shovel and her pro-pointer. A pro-pointer is a hand held metal detector. She digs a scoop of dirt, wipes the pro-pointer over it to see if she dug the target in that shovelful. When it does not beep, she tosses the dirt aside, and then she puts the pointer down into the hole to get a more precise reading as to where her target might be located. The pointer beeps, she sets it downs and then digs out another shovel full of dirt. She does this all with the practiced rhythm of a veteran, almost as sure and smooth as Bob! I dare say she is even a little smoother at the getting up and down than Bob!


This particular target was really being difficult, so she asked me to go get her Dad to help her.


Between the two metal detectors, two pro-pointers, a pick-ax and some perseverance, they finally unearthed the elusive target!


A coil of rusty barbed wire!

Meanwhile, I photographed some of God’s handiwork in the scenery around us…


The colors remind me of Christmas…


Sculptured Flames. The gorgeous fire oranges and reds of the Manzanita really stand out in sharp contrast to this gray winter day.


Manzanita berries…


Every gorgeous manzanita has its own unique shapes and patterns.


This huge granite home seems to house several different varieties of moss.


When I look closely, I see an amazing complexity that always fascinates me.


Perfection in balance..dark/light, hard/soft, mineral/organic


Appreciating the end of a simple, calming, fantastic day…

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