Step-by-step Kari’s Christmas gift

This is a step-by-step of how I created Kari’s Christmas gift. I have to say I am very pleased with how this one turned out. 🙂

(If you want to see a more detailed step-by-step of this process, I really explained it in depth in the blog about Ashleigh’s gift.)

Like Ashleigh’s, this gift was inspired by my admiration for the family unit that is Kari’s. I do so admire them! I love how seriously they take their family. They teach their kids at a very young age “family first”. They teach them integrity, honesty, work ethic, and even manners! But simultaneously they also have fun together as a family, and they spend as much of their free time as possible being creative! Steve makes amazing custom knives (LoboStyle Blades), and I envy Kari’s always beautiful and creative up-cycling ideas. Their kids are both brilliant, and hands down some of the best mannered children I have ever had the pleasure of teaching. So these were the thoughts I was pondering as I was creating this gift for Kari and her awesome family!

This was the computer print-out I designed in Photoshop. Printed and FrogTaped to my drawing board

K 01

I didn’t take photos of every step, but after I taped down the computer printout I taped a piece of  100% Rag Translucent Marker paper by Bienfang and drew some different designs with with my Staedler mechanical pencil. I was especially excited about an idea I had to try and form the “K” on Kari’s name into a ribbon! I feel that ribbons are synonymous with elegance and Kari is definitely that! I also wanted to create a “knife edge” effect, or a chisel effect with the fonts for Steve and Titan’s names to represent the knife work that Steve does. After several attempts (and I do mean several!!) I finally got something going that I liked.

After that I really contemplated what to do with the background. It took several days of trying different things before I accidentally sketched a “heart-knot”. I was so excited with the sketch that I ran to my seven-year-old daughter in true role reversal and said “Look at this! Look at this! Isn’t this cool?” and she looked at my drawing of the knot on the little piece of scrap paper, and then she looked at me skeptically and said “Ummm…sure?” Haha…well I liked it. I still like it! So I drew heart knots.

After all that I started tracing with my  Staedler Pigment liner. That took a couple of tries, too. (This is why I use this method of multiple copies and so many different stages, because I have a tendency to make mistakes!)

K 02

I had asked Kari earlier what her favorite colors were, and she came up with burgundy and shades of gold. Hmmm…that took a lot of contemplation and experimentation. Finally, after making several  laser copies onto Canson Watercolor paper, and lots of different experiments, I used a combination of   Tombow Markers, Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils, and  TEKwriter Premium Gel Pens to do the final coloring of this drawing. And, like I mentioned, I am pleased with the end result!

K 03

K 04

Here are some detail views:

K 05

K 06

K 07

K 08

K 09


Please comment! Have you ever done anything similar? Any ideas or inspirations you want to share? What would you do differently? Any ideas new to you? Did you find anything on this post helpful? What else might you want to see on a post like this? Any suggestions at all would be welcome! Please share, too!

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4 Thoughts on “Step-by-step Kari’s Christmas gift

  1. Kari S on January 5, 2016 at 10:03 am said:

    This is truly a work of art Terri. It turned out incredible and I am so proud to hang it up on my living room wall. Steve was highly impressed with it as well. It’s classy, simple yet beautiful! I absolutely love it, and even more so because it came from the heart (hart). You have always been such a talented artist. I love seeing your pieces. This one is very special to me. Thank you so much!

    Creativity has always been my outlet. I’ve found that my true passion these days is upcycling or remaking. I have so many projects going right now in relation to those. Do you remember those old wood drawers you gave me (came out of that antique desk), I plan on using a couple of those to make a chest. There was a deeper one and than a shallow one that will be used as a lid. Thinking of putting a padded seat on the top of it as well (after I reinforce the whole thing), so that not only case it be used as a chest, but also as a seat. (Give the kids a seat when I’m working in my craft room). So many endless possibilities!!!!!

  2. Samantha on January 5, 2016 at 10:03 am said:

    Amazing finished project!!

  3. Territoons on January 5, 2016 at 10:06 am said:

    What a great idea! Can’t wait to see it!

  4. Astrid on January 5, 2016 at 3:30 pm said:

    I love it. I love the details in your drawing. I’m going to show this one to the girls so they can try out some of your techniques. I really like the heart knots. Each element seems to have a meaning. You are really good at developing the designs. Maybe one day you can FaceTime with the girls and teach them some technique. They would be keen to learn.

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