Step-by-step Blythe’s Christmas gift

This is the step-by-step of how I created Blythe’s Christmas present, although I didn’t take quite as many photos during the “process” as I did when I was creating Ashleigh’s present. If you want to see a more detailed step-by-step of the process, you can look at the blog about Ashleigh’s gift.  I will also post links to the materials and tools I used throughout this blog and at the end, if you are interested…

With Blythe’s gift my theme was Pink, and feminine, as that is the very definition of Blythe! I adore Blythe. It’s as simple as that. She does so much for me, and TK, and she works so amazingly well with her sister (Ashleigh). What a team they make! Anyhow, I digress…this is about the making of her Christmas gift, not how much I appreciate and adore her….

The very first thing I did was correct the mistake I made with Ashleigh and Kayleigh’s names. I love the font, but I didn’t want it to be quite so fine, so I drew an outline around the font.

B 01

I’m not sure why I picked “feathers”, but it seemed to fit my “Blythie theme”, and I love feathers. So I drew some feathers. Much fun I had, drawing those feathers! Such a beautiful, organic shape! I drew them in with my Staedler mechanical pencil first, of course, and then traced them onto my 100% Rag Translucent Marker paper by Bienfang with my Staedler Pigment liner.

B 02

B 03

B 04

All pink! Blythe is Pink, Pink is Blythe! To say that Pink is Blythe’s favorite color would be a monumental understatement. So I colored the feathers pink, using my pink Tombow markers. Then, of course I had to shade it, with a darker pinkish-purple.

B 05

At this point I was rather pleased with the pinkness of it all. Pink is not my favorite color, but I don’t hate it, and I was truly enjoying this. On other papers I tried different ways to color the letters (pink, of course), and finally decided on a way that I liked. However, I should’ve held my practice samples up to my pink feather, because little did I realize that as soon as I colored my letters pink with gold trim, with my TEKwriter Premium Gel Pens, that it would turn all of my pretty pink feathers into purple!

B 07

Weird how that happened. Pink to Purple. Bam! A trick of the eyes, I suppose.

When The Rosebug and I were shopping around in Michaels, long before I had even started Blythe’s drawing (but I already had the inspiration in my mind) we saw these glittery feathers, and I thought they might be a perfect accent to what I was trying to accomplish in my mind. Because if Blythe loves pink, she loves pink glitter even more! So I bought two (I gave one to The ‘Bug) and saved this one to see if it would work with the final drawing. As I was framing the art, I tried it with and without the feather, and decided that I liked it with. So there you go. The finished product. I think she liked it. 🙂

B 08

Please comment! Have you ever done anything similar? Any ideas or inspirations you want to share? What would you do differently? Any ideas new to you? Did you find anything on this post helpful? What else might you want to see on a post like this? Any suggestions at all would be welcome! Please share, too!

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4 Thoughts on “Step-by-step Blythe’s Christmas gift

  1. Truly luscious the way you put details in details!
    And now I’d like to share with you my step by step for severals gifts I gave this year….
    1. Click on Amazon.
    2. Select gift.
    3. Click “ship”.
    There you go. But not as fun, inspirational, or beautiful as yours!

  2. Territoons on December 29, 2015 at 5:09 pm said:

    Hahahaha! Funny! Most of my other gifts were “made” with very similar steps!

  3. I love seeing how artwork comes together, Terri. You are very talented. I had a laugh over Kristi’s comment above!! x

    • Territoons on December 31, 2015 at 7:29 pm said:

      Thanks for subscribing! Yes, Kristi is my longest (I don’t want to say oldest, because that wouldn’t quite be accurate) friend…and probably just about my dearest. Her quick wit has always been appreciated by me!

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