The Lost Lizard Run

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The Lost Lizard Run

We all get together
cause the lizard is lost!
And we must find that guy
At whatever the cost!

There is grit in our teeth
and sand in our eyes
as we smile through the dunes
and look for the prize.

An artistic waltz
by the sand and the wind
Changes the scenery
round every bend.

The Riders, they ride
the Jeepers they jeep
All the other old farts
do nothing but weep.

The lizard is found!
Our journey is done.
But another year’s had
by all, so much fun!

by Terri Lynn Hart

We arrived Friday. We actually went to the wrong location! We went to the location that was across the street from the Blu-In RV Park in Ocotillo, because that is where this event has always been located before, and the email reminders didn’t make it idiot proof enough for us idiots to know that the location had changed. Once we got there and found NO one there, we figured something was wrong, so I looked it up on my rusty trusty iPad and found that, sure enough. they had moved the entire event to a new location! Superstition Mountains, on the corner of Huff and Wheeler Roads. So off we went to find the new location. Which we did. Checked in and got our T-shirts.

LL2 Lost Lizard Run 2015 T-shirt

Then we just came back to  the RV and hung out, eating peanuts and playing Frisbee with Our Li’l Rosebug. She kept saying “We aren’t DOING anything special!” I think because  this is her first Lizard Run, and we have been building it up to her, because WE were excited that she got to join us this year. But the run didn’t actually start until Saturday morning.

The next morning we ate breakfast, and proceeded to jump in our ride.

LL3a Our ride

And then we hit the trail.

LL3b On the trail

The idea is to follow the arrows (not pictured) and stay in between the flags (one is pictured) over relatively rough, rocky and sandy terrain for 20 miles. There are 5 checkpoints. At each checkpoint you draw a poker card to add to your entry card and play a game for raffle tickets. Let me say, at this point, that in my honest opinion, Bob is a smart, fearless, skillful off-road driver. Parts of the trail had deep sand, and the best way to get through sand is to not slow down. He never got stuck. I would have dug it in at every bend. And sometimes, when we were rushing up a steep hill and you can NOT see what is on the other side….well, lets just say that my Li’l Rosebug has heard a couple of words come out of her new Mom’s mouth that she is not accustomed to hearing! And Bob may need to get some new upholstery for the Jeep!

LL4 Checkpoint 3

LL5 Playing games

LL6 Playing games2

Always, while on the trail, we look for the Lost Lizard! And, what do you know, we FOUND HIM!

LL7 Me and the lizard

LL8 The Lost Lizard

After about 4 hours of rockin’ and rollin’ and bumpin’ and jumping’, we hit all the checkpoints, collected all of our poker cards and our raffle tickets, and we were back at the RV around noon. The Rosebug LOVED it (as we knew she would), giggling and squealing with delight. The bigger the bump, the louder the squeal!

We hung around and relaxed for a few hours, ate dinner, and then walked over to the base camp to compare poker hands and for the raffle. The Rosebug was MOST excited about the raffle, just SURE we would win a prize! She got ready:

LL9 Ever Hopeful

And then she experienced what Bob and I always seem to experience at raffles. First the excitement. Then the let down when the first zillion numbers are called and we don’t get picked. Then she got annoyed at those people that bought wads of tickets, and the same kids kept winning all the cool kid prizes. She thought it wasn’t fair, even when I tried to explain to her that they spent a lot of money for those tickets. Then she was mad at us because we didn’t spend lots of money.

Then the boredom. And more disappointment. Then it got dark. And cold. And still the raffle announcer kept announcing prizes and reading off ticket numbers as fast as he could, but there were a LOT of (pretty good) prizes and a lot of numbers to read. And ultimately, the utter disappointment, because we didn’t win a single thing. Not with our poker hand, and not with our raffle tickets. Bob and I are used to it. We really don’t care. Its all just part of the fun. And it supports the cause.

What cause? Well, I am very much opposed to discussing politics, because I feel so very helpless in that arena, but if you are interested in THE CAUSE go to San Diego Off-Road Coalition website and read all about it. They are a great group of people fighting to save our off-roading rights.

Well, when the raffle was over, we wandered back over to our RV, which was actually a challenge to find, in the dark! But then we sweetened up The Rosebug’s bitter disappointment with a campfire and marshmallow roast.

LL10 Roasting Marshmallows

 There are a few more photos that I took from that weekend. Please click here to see them! 🙂

8 Thoughts on “The Lost Lizard Run

  1. Very well written. I was never quite sure what that was all about but you have described quiet well. I agree with the Bug about raffles…they are so disappointing. I never win a thing either. Marsh-mellows probably did the truck after though. I enjoyed the photos as well. Sandy sunset was my favorite. Oh and Well done on that entertaining poem in the beginning. Great way to start off the blog piece. Very entertaining!!!

  2. Territoons on November 11, 2015 at 7:13 am said:

    I liked the Sandy Sunset, too! I wasn’t sure anyone else would, since it is kind of out of focus and all. But I liked the effect.

    I guess the ‘Bug’s raffle experience was a life experience for her. I hope she learned a bit!

    I’m glad you liked the poem! I actually started it last year at the 2014 Lost Lizard Run. Finished it up after this run. They are all fun!

  3. Robert Waldrip on November 11, 2015 at 8:12 am said:

    We had a fun time it is for the whole family. All ages I am over 70 and I had a lot of fun to.

  4. What, Skyler’s not the only child bored and disappointed if there’s not constant entertainment? Haha sounds like a great weekend that Rosie will always remember. We love our wild desert rides and relaxing nights by the campfire too…thanks for sharing Terri.

    • Territoons on November 14, 2015 at 7:50 am said:

      I can’t imagine Skyler ever being discontent! She is so sweet! Maybe we should meet up in the desert sometime and our girls can entertain each other. 🙂

  5. That looks like so much fun. 4×4 driving is crazy. I would love to do that one day. Like an awesome roller coaster in the desert. Looks like a great family tradition that Rosebug ( love that nickname) will grow to love.

    You took some nice pix too. I actually really like the one of Plaster City. Very Industrial Desert ?

    Well, now I’m hooked…. better keep reading.

    • Territoons on November 14, 2015 at 7:48 am said:

      Thanks for reading! I liked the one of Plaster City, too. It’s a weird place, really, to me. Out in the middle of nowhere, a full-on plaster factory! I’d love to just wander around with a camera and shoot it up! 🙂

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