Balboa Park Butterfly and Apple

Balboa Park ButterflyAnyone who knows me knows that I am an Apple fan from way back in the days of the Centris and flying toasters. I am loyal to Apple. Currently my home/school has 5 iPads, 3 iPhones, and two iMacs, and believe me I would have more if I could. I just upgraded to the iPhone 6plus and the newest iPad Air (and I have no idea which “generation” it is) just before we went on vacation. I am (was?) absolutely GIDDY with the quality of photos that my i take with my 8MP iPhone 6plus. I have taken some of the best photos of my life with it. This little butterfly photo isn’t in that category, but I still think its a pretty nice photo for a camera phone. We went to Balboa Park on Labor day and I had a little fun with my iPhone (and Bob and The ‘Bug).

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