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Bindi is (supposedly) a Jack Russel Terrier. But somewhere a mutant gene for Maltese must have slipped in, because the dog has an ever-growing coat of very fine fur. Very fine fur that collects dirt better than any Swiffer I have ever met. We have to keep her clipped short. I have alway been her groomer, but for awhile I was feeling flush and lazy at the same time so we tried taking her to a “professional groomer”. Twice. The first time she came home with a limp. I chalked that up to she must’ve wriggled away and jumped on the floor off of their high grooming tables. Something a good groomer would know to guard against, but we are all human, right?  And Bindi got over it pretty quickly, and so did I. No harm, no foul. Stuff happens. But then we took her back a couple months later. The groomer that took her in was rude and very unprofessional to the point to where I almost changed my mind about dropping her off. I should have. A few hours later a very apologetic Petsmart manager called me to inform me that Bindi had been taken to the on-site veterinary hospital there in the Petsmart in Santee, and would I please give them permission to put her under general anesthesia so they could stitch up her ear where the groomer had cut her! WHAT?!?!?!

So, yes, I let them stitch her up. When I came to pick her up she was still a little groggy from the anesthesia, and the manager was still very, very apologetic. “We won’t charge you for the grooming and of course we’ll pay the vet bill!”

Ya think?

“We hope this doesn’t discourage you from returning to our store in the future.”

Well, I haven’t set foot in there since, and Bob says I am the only one who can groom her anymore. He helps, so its not too bad I guess. It only took about 3 and a half hours today. I bathe her, he holds the hair dryer while I brush her out and he hovers with the vacuum cleaner as I clip her. Its a family affair. Sometimes The ‘Bug helps in the bathing process.

My grooming job may not be as perfect as that of a “professional” groomer, but at least there was no blood shed And Bindi didn’t need surgery when I was done.


1Bindi grunge



2wet dog



4done cute

2 Thoughts on “Bindi

  1. The ‘during ‘ pix are my favourite. What a good dog. Is she watching the other Bindi on Dancing With the Stars????

    • Territoons on November 14, 2015 at 7:29 am said:

      ha ha..speaks well of your opinion of my grooming job…lol
      And yes, we’ve watched a little of the Aussie Bindi, whom our Bindi was named after.

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